Are you ready for a map to walk you through step-by-step how to create a sleep routine that works without missing out on the cuddles?

What is included with The Sleep Happy Society?

✓ The h.o.p.e Method trainings which are hosted on our easy-to-use, password protected, members only website.

✓ Powerful video lessons on what sleep looks like, how it develops, what is normal, newborn communications, what is your baby telling you, setting boundaries, building confidence and more.

✓ Quick reference downloads for reference where you can apply the lessons

✓ Bonus trainings

✓ Expert Calls

✓ Support calls

✓ Private FB Community

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“I realized after reviewing the cue analysis lesson inside The Sleep Happy Society for Newborns, that the flailing arms and clawing at her body pattern my baby was doing every day meant she was sleepy. I didn't realize that before studying the cues.”

- Megan, Childbirth Educator and Mom of Toddler & Newborn

Imagine if

at the end of the newborn phase you could...

✓ Feel confident at the end of the day 
✓ Have time at for your partner 
✓ Understand what sleep looks like as your baby grows
✓ Stop feeling guilty for not having time for your older child
✓ Have time to get the rest you need to be the mom you want to be
✓ Have support when new challenges arise

Here is a sneak peak...


Inside the Sleep Happy Society For Newborns

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We talk about what newborn sleep looks like so you stop second guessing yourself.
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We talk about what your newborn is communicating and how to create the right routine for your baby. 
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We talk about tools to add to your toolkit that no one talks about that lead to healthy sleep so you don't start bad habits just to survive.

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We talk about how to set yourself up for 2-3 more hours of sleep every single night and a consistent full night's sleep after the newborn stage.

You are in the right place if...

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Hello!  I'm Jessica...

I give you permission to ask for help.  As a mom, we feel intense pressure to have it all.figured.out the moment we enter motherhood.  Being a mom is hard, it takes a village and it is not meant to be done alone.

I will cover my proven 4-part signature method, The h.o.p.e. Method.  This is the method I have used to change the lives of over 500 families in my sleep consulting practice.  I created this class with the goal to serve mothers long before they reach rock bottom.” 

As a pediatric sleep coach, confidence builder, child development enthusiast, small business owner, wife, and mom of three (including twins), I know what it is like to be overwhelmed and ready for proven steps to get more sleep.  More than anything, I want to help YOU create age-appropriate sleep routines for your baby so YOU + BABY are confident and rested!  

In my own life, I’ve seen what a difference taking the time to set sleep routines early can do for a young family with three children under 4 years of age.  I want a way to share the proven method I have used with over 500 families and in my own life to reach mothers before they reach rock bottom. I hope you will join me inside!!


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What was your main struggle/frustration before Sleep Happy?

"I wanted to know what i was experiencing with a new baby was normal and if there was anything I could do to get more sleep!  My daughter only wanted to sleep on me."



What is inside the Sleep Happy Society for Newborns?

"I teach The h.o.p.e. Method,  my 4 step method to guide you in creating the foundation for healthy sleep habits without the overload. Through my online membership, I offer lessons that educate you on what sleep actually looks like via short videos (because moms of newborns have no time), downloads (tools you can screenshot or print to have at your fingertips), as well as a community to come and ask your questions in an encouraging environment."  - Jessica